Play Wandering Willows!

Play Wandering Willows!
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Additional restaurants available for your Diner Dash Hometown Hero Gourmet Edition game!

Crypt Cafe
Sometimes even the best customers can turn into such monsters! Join Flo for a ghoulish adventure as she lends a hand at the Count's special haunted house night and tries to keep his guests from digging their own graves. We suspect that every night is "haunted house night" at the Count's, which is just as well when you get a craving for eyeball stew. Boo!

Hometown Harvest
If you think the denizens of Dinertown like to have a good time when they stop by Flo's, you should see them really party! When Grandma Florence takes one for the team, Flo and Toshiro must jump in to save Thanksgiving—for the whole town! You get all the classic trimmings, plus a little cultural fusion on the side, hey, is that a turkey maki roll!?

Winter Wonderland
Flo really deserves a vacation, don't you think? Too bad she doesn't get one after wreaking havoc on the slopes with Margarita! Still, there is something satisfying about getting hot food into chilly customers. Start a cozy fire, spread a little holiday cheer, and let it snow, let is snow, let it snow...!

Romantic Rendevous
Nothing beats a burger at Flo's Diner, but sometimes it takes low lighting, proper table cloths, and a pretty flower or two to make that special someone feel something special. Help Flo and Quinn work their magic on a rundown old haunt as they try to bring the spirit of romance back to Dinertown! Love is in the air!

Waterpark Madness
Wheee! Celebrate spring and splash into summer with Flo and Cookie as they try to keep a lid on Waterpark madness! We'd love to invite you to kick off your shoes, stick a toe in the water, and sip on fresh lemonade, but there are customers to be served! Remember, summers just a state of mind—but don't forget your sunscreen!

1 comment:

Lattegato said...

My personal favorites are Crypt Cafe and Winter Wonderland....I love those creepy zombies in the back of the Crypt restaurant, although ooooh, those Vampires make me so mad!! So darn impatient!

And who doesn't enjoy watching a soft snowfall, a cup of warm cider, and the glow of a fireplace. Aaaaahhh, so relaxing.